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This or That Thursday
Slow Cooker or Oven?
May 11, 2017

Warm weather is back and that means family parties, cold drinks, and delicious food! You’ve been tasked with making your famous buffalo chicken dip for the family party this weekend. You can’t decide between preparing the mouthwatering dip that everyone loves in the slow cooker or in the oven. To make your decision easier, we looked at how much energy each appliance typically uses.


Let’s look at wattage.

Slow Cooker = 250 Watts < Oven = 3,000 Watts


Conclusion: Preparing your famous dip using the slow cooker will use less energy than the oven. Your family will thank you for the delicious hors d'oeuvre, especially when you keep it hot by serving it in the slow cooker on the “warm” or “low” setting!



Ashley Leach

Ashley Leach is a freelance writer and digital content marketer with a background in journalism, digital reporting, and marketing for numerous industries. She's found her perfect fit at North American Power in writing about home maintenance and repairs, energy efficiency, and smart home technology.