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This or That Thursday: Blow Dryer, or Flat Iron?
Feb 08, 2017

People spend billions of dollars on hair products every year. We strip our hair with shampoo, build it back up with conditioner, then blast it with heat. But which hair appliance uses the most juice?

Let’s look at the wattage.

Blow Dryer = 1,200 watts > Flat Iron = 331 watts

Wow – the blow dryer wattage is a strong argument in favor of natural air dry hair styling.

Conclusion: We suggest you towel briskly, comb out, and air dry before flat ironing your mop into submission.

Ashley Leach

Ashley Leach is a freelance writer and digital content marketer with a background in journalism, digital reporting, and marketing for numerous industries. She's found her perfect fit at North American Power in writing about home maintenance and repairs, energy efficiency, and smart home technology.